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06/19/15-06/20/15: Dickhiskhan Ninja Gaiden Color
Coloring this was pretty easy cause there wasn’t much complicated about the picture, except for the little orange “shine” at the end of the blade, which still looks a bit awkward to me but that’s what it looks like on the sprite so whatever. The beam that came out of the sword I just used the blur tool to make it look more like a beam of light, and I think it works fine. His skin color probably looks really weird to you but that’s also another thing I based on what the color of the sprite was.
06/16/15-06/18/15: Dickhiskhan Ninja Gaiden Sketch

Phew, this one was kind of refreshing compared to the last one. This one doesn’t have a detailed background or anything, just a simple ninja. For this piece I decided the best drawing to represent the series would be just him hacking and slashin, so I drew based off the sprite. I was considering giving him a hat and a beard like most of the other avatars but I felt it wouldn’t be fitting for a ninja to have his mouth uncovered and also it’d look weird for a ninja to have a hat. Also believe it or not the beam itself is that big in game! Weird NES sprite for the win I guess.

06/09/15-06/15/15: Dickhiskhan Sunshine Colored

You may be wondering, why is this game listed as “bad”? Well during the voting for his follower special he listed this game under “bad” because he really hates it. Truth be told I’m not the biggest fan of this game myself. I don’t think it’s a bad game but to me it’s the weakest 3D Mario.  Mario himself feels really rubbery compared to the rest of the 3D Marios, The FLUDD mechanics felt like a giant gimmick, the stages are all some sort of theme based around water, which is one of if not the WORST stage types.

ANYWAYS about the drawing itself, I’m pretty happy with how the shading and coloring went, managed to find the “Spotlight” filter in Photoshop and went to town with it. The water effect wasn’t too difficult to make, but it took a while fro me to figure out how to make the water look like it’s splashing onto the wall. The one thing that bothers me though even looking at it now is the bed looks really off, but that’s how it looked in the game itself so what can you do.

06/08/15-06/10/15: Dickhiskhan Sunshine Sketch

I didn’t really wanna do another full-blown drawing with background and all after how much of a struggle the Kaizo sketch was, but I really couldn’t think of anything else in the game that would be worth drawing aside from just tracing that one concept art/ad image of Mario posing with a bunch of goop all over him. And I like to be a little more creative than that. So instead I just traced the Mario Jail scene in the intro of the game hahahahahah not entirely but somewhat. You may notice there’s a little head in between the bars on the top left; originally I was going to put Shadow Mario doing something like laughing through the window but changed my mind because I didn’t feel like drawing anything else aside from what I already put into it, especially since I still needed to add some things such as water into the drawing digitally.

06/06/15-06/07/15: Dickhiskhan DK64 Colored
Really happy with what I did with the fire here, I was worried it would look too bland. I looked into the filters and found the “Lens Flare” option under “Render”. Maybe someday I’ll learn to shade like I should have known how to do years ago but for now this’ll do lol


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Mike D
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I graduated as an animation student at Philadelphia University! I love to play video games! Yeah!

I'm currently trying to force myself to do something animation and/or art related everyday for idk how long, I will be posting any drawings and shit I do here, and you can see updates on said what I did that day on both my twitter over at and on my tumblr over at !

See my animations at

I speedrun video games at

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Operating System: WiinDOHws
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Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny is one...
Personal Quote: "What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure!"-Sonic in SA2
I have a lot of stuff to put on here but I've been way to lazy to do it XD. I uploaded a bunch of stuff on my scrapbook though, like this one!:…

I'm pretty proud of this piece. Maybe I'll add more soon, and actually use Deviantart more for once?

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