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10/08/15-10/13/15: Madtaz Avatar/Logo Brainstormin by Madtaz64
10/08/15-10/13/15: Madtaz Avatar/Logo Brainstormin
So many other ideas I had before I got to the logo I have now. If I had to choose another one to use I'd choose the 3rd one in the middle, with the M being the sunglasses and the adtaz being the sunglass earpiece.
10/14/15-10/24/15: Different colorations of logo by Madtaz64
10/14/15-10/24/15: Different colorations of logo
I did a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT of experimenting with the logos as you can see. I orignally thought of putting the shadow behind the logo but I decided against it as it made the logo too dark. Another thing I wans't sure of is wether I wanted the rim of the glasses to be thick or not, and how transparent the thing should be. I ended up asking friends for their opinions, hoping there'd be one big collective agreement. And there was to an extent, a lot of them liked the colored one with the shadow behind it.
10/14/15-10/24/15 + 10/27/15: New Madtaz logo! by Madtaz64
10/14/15-10/24/15 + 10/27/15: New Madtaz logo!
Finally I got around to making a new logo, I've wanted to make a new one for like 2 years! There's a lot of revisions and time that went into it, I went more into detail here:… and here:… I really wanted to keep the sunglasses motif from my last logo, although I don't really wear them like I used to (after college I lost my pair and never found a reason to replace them, I wasn't going out anywhere as much). The hardest part was the shades themselves, because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep them transparent, and if I didn't would they really register as shades or just blocks in the shape of sunglasses. Luckily, adding the colored line at the top of the colored letters made them look like shades.
10/02/15-10/07/15: Kirby and Shantae Dance Sketch by Madtaz64
10/02/15-10/07/15: Kirby and Shantae Dance Sketch

I was hoping to have this done before the Smash Ballot ended not the week after, but life happened you know.  I wanted to originally just draw what I think Kirby would look like with a Shantae Hat, but I thought it’d be cute to see them dancing together so I decided to draw Shantae too.

When I went to go look for references  I noticed that a bunch of minor features in Shantae’s design have changed over her 3-going-on-4 games, so I tried playing around with these features and merging a bunch together. They did something similar with Snake’s Design in Brawl, so if Shantae does win the Ballot I hope they do the same for her! See if you can spot them all! Also yes Kirby’s hat has some different features from Shantae, I really don’t know why I made them different I just did.

9/27/15-10/01/15: Sunset Shimmer Sketch



I saw Equestria Girls: Friendship Games last weekend and oh my god, Sunset Shimmer just gets better and better each movie! Like, the movie overall wasn’t as good as Rainbow Rocks, but that ENDING MAN! HOLY SHIT AAAAAAH THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME ROLE REVERSAL THEY PULLED THERE FUCK MAN I WAS SQUEALING!!!! Sunset Shimmer is like one of the most developed characters in the G4 series’ and her transformation into an angelic figure was such a great symbolization of how far she’s come since her “popular-bitch girl turned she-demon” days.


She’s gone from one of my least favorite characters to one of my most favorite characters, a lot of it thanks to Friendship Games, so of course I just HAD to draw her. I kind of drew her EG1/RR outfit by accident, forgetting/not noticing that she wore a completely different dress in EG. By the time I noticed I already partially drew the outfit so I just went with it. The hair I’m really proud of because holy shit her hair is so complex! Like, just drawing it made me realize how ridiculously anime is and I’m jealous. I never even realized she had a random strand coming out the back! And it didn’t help that her hair is totally different looking when she’s facing left then it is when she faces right. That’s some great character design right there, but I can only imagine how many times the animators accidently used the wrong hair during the production stage XD


I might consider lining and coloring this someday, although if I do another art piece of her I think I’d rather do something with her super angel form (Daydream Shimmer I think it is?)



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Mike D
United States
I graduated as an animation student at Philadelphia University! I love to play video games! Yeah!

I'm currently trying to force myself to do something animation and/or art related everyday for idk how long, I will be posting any drawings and shit I do here, and you can see updates on said what I did that day on both my twitter over at and on my tumblr over at !

See my animations at

I speedrun video games at

Favourite genre of music: Video game music
Operating System: WiinDOHws
MP3 player of choice: ipoop touch
Shell of choice: Turtle shell
Skin of choice: mine
Favourite cartoon character: Bugs Bunny is one...
Personal Quote: "What you see is what you get! Just a guy that loves adventure!"-Sonic in SA2
I have a lot of stuff to put on here but I've been way to lazy to do it XD. I uploaded a bunch of stuff on my scrapbook though, like this one!:…

I'm pretty proud of this piece. Maybe I'll add more soon, and actually use Deviantart more for once?

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