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9/27/15-10/01/15: Sunset Shimmer Sketch



I saw Equestria Girls: Friendship Games last weekend and oh my god, Sunset Shimmer just gets better and better each movie! Like, the movie overall wasn’t as good as Rainbow Rocks, but that ENDING MAN! HOLY SHIT AAAAAAH THAT WAS SUCH AN AWESOME ROLE REVERSAL THEY PULLED THERE FUCK MAN I WAS SQUEALING!!!! Sunset Shimmer is like one of the most developed characters in the G4 series’ and her transformation into an angelic figure was such a great symbolization of how far she’s come since her “popular-bitch girl turned she-demon” days.


She’s gone from one of my least favorite characters to one of my most favorite characters, a lot of it thanks to Friendship Games, so of course I just HAD to draw her. I kind of drew her EG1/RR outfit by accident, forgetting/not noticing that she wore a completely different dress in EG. By the time I noticed I already partially drew the outfit so I just went with it. The hair I’m really proud of because holy shit her hair is so complex! Like, just drawing it made me realize how ridiculously anime is and I’m jealous. I never even realized she had a random strand coming out the back! And it didn’t help that her hair is totally different looking when she’s facing left then it is when she faces right. That’s some great character design right there, but I can only imagine how many times the animators accidently used the wrong hair during the production stage XD


I might consider lining and coloring this someday, although if I do another art piece of her I think I’d rather do something with her super angel form (Daydream Shimmer I think it is?)

9/11/2015-9/26/2015: PurpleRupees Speedrun Layout by Madtaz64
9/11/2015-9/26/2015: PurpleRupees Speedrun Layout

A commission for my good friend PurpleRupees, given the name I of course had to make the theme inspired by Zelda. But I didn’t want it to look TOO much like it came from Zelda, or else it’d look like I took assets right from it. Although the rupee corners on the borders don’t exactly help, but to be fair I did redraw them and take out the outlines on them for…effect. Really. The logo itself was actually done similarly; I drew the lines in Flash, colored it in, then erased the lines. Flash being Flash it of course it wasn’t easy, I had to do so much line straightening > = (  

5/23/15-9/10/15: Jack and Karen from Harvest Moon by Madtaz64
5/23/15-9/10/15: Jack and Karen from Harvest Moon

God, there's... so many things I wanted to comment about it and now that it's done I just... can't believe that it's actually done because holy balls did this take forever. Back in late April - early May I did a sketch of these two (which you can see here: ). As I was doing this piece I kept imagining how pretty it would look digital. So I decided to go all out on this and use this as a testing grounds for various art techniques I wanted to learn how to do, mostly shading. I never imagined that it would take me almost 4 months. To be fair though I only really worked on it for an hour or so a day, sometimes even less, and sometimes I even skipped a couple days = ( I do know that I skipped a couple days when I was moving back at the end of June, don't really remember the rest of the days.

I spent the first chunk of time lining all the characters, making sure they looked like their hand drawn counterparts, then afterwards the background, which I had to sketch beforehand because I had no reference to work off of. The fun part here was all the vegetables in the background, which I had to duplicate over and over and scale them juuuuuust right so the perspective wouldn't be off.

The coloring was pretty easy from what I remember, but I remember stalling a lot and working on very little at a time to put off learning shading because I KNEW it would take me forever to figure out how to learn to shade. In all my years of artwork shading is the one thing I've almost never done but always wanted to do, so it was a very new and challenging experience to me. It took FOREVER but I'm really happy with how it came out. 

After everything was shaded and colored it still looked a bit too colorful imo which worried me, since it's a nighttime scenario and all. Luckily my friend taught me a good method to make everything look night-timey in SAI. All you have to do is make a new layer, shade it wih the color of the night sky, set the mode to "multiply", then lower the opacity. Then presto!!!!!!!

All and all though I'm pretty damn happy with how this came out, the Harvest Moon series is one of the most memorable series in my childhood, Harvest Moon 64 and Friends of Mineral Town especially. They just felt so cozy and chill to play, I haven't played a game in the series since Harvest Moon DS because of how time consuming the games were but I really need to get back into the games someday, I heard A New Beginning was really good.

Also Karen was and probably always will be top girl #TeamKaren

07/13/15-07/14/15: Iwata Tribute =( by Madtaz64
07/13/15-07/14/15: Iwata Tribute =(

Ok so I KNOW I’m super late on posting this but I was still backed up when making this piece and I wanted to make sure that when I wrote this piece I had plenty of time to write it all up. Anyways:

I never thought I’d cry for any type of celebrity’s death unless it was Miyamoto himself. But the entire hour after I found out about his death I was holding back tears. Then I found out that of all things 4chan, notorious for being the scum of the internet, did a tribute by playing the Earthbound credits on /v/. Just typing this out and thinking about it makes tear up.

Iwata was always a mystery to me, and it seemed like he was the same way to most people. I knew he worked on a lot of games or must have considering he was the President of Nintendo of all things. But unlike someone like Miyamoto or Sakurai I never really heard people talk about everything or anything that Iwata did. So to find out just how many of my childhood favorites he had hand in I was blown away. For one thing, if it wasn’t for him, Pokémon Gold and Silver, one of my favorite games period until Heart Gold/Soul Silver, would not have had the Kanto region in it. The Super Smash Brothers series would probably not have existed if it wasn’t for Iwata’s advice, and neither would the Kirby series for that matter. He was a programing genius and was the man in the background for almost everything I’ve loved about Nintendo and I never knew it until he was already gone.

About the drawings themselves, the pictures were going to have more characters and another side but I realized it would take far too long, I had a bunch of other stuff to work on at the time. By the time I finished it the tribute would be too late (because posting it a month later makes more sense). So I decided to draw characters from franchises he had a more direct influence making Iwata’s “directly to you” pose. As a sendoff of sorts.. Maybe I’ll add another part someday or put more details into it, probably not though.


06/27/15-06/28/15 Dickhiskhan Speedrun Layout by Madtaz64
06/27/15-06/28/15 Dickhiskhan Speedrun Layout

And finally the last of the series of Dickhiskhan commissions! The first piece I did for him was a layout for his special, and I end it with another layout! This time for his speedruns!! It’s pretty similar of course designwise, why fix what isn’t broken right?



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I have a lot of stuff to put on here but I've been way to lazy to do it XD. I uploaded a bunch of stuff on my scrapbook though, like this one!:…

I'm pretty proud of this piece. Maybe I'll add more soon, and actually use Deviantart more for once?

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